Previous Global Communication Summits

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2018: Media for Social Justice

With this conference, we examined the growing trend of journalism activism and journalists as activists, questioning who benefits from upholding the division between the two and, more importantly, who might benefit from innovative approaches to protest coverage that respond to ethical imperatives first, not only informing citizens, but encouraging their political and social participation. In addition to a panel of journalists and activists from Latin America and the United States, we also had an academic research panel, a workshop aimed at helping activists better produce their own content and interact with the media, and a screening of a documentary about immigrant rights.

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2017: Journalism in Asia

Religion and culture play a vital role in society and therefore have a profound influence on the function of journalism, particularly in Asia. To further understand journalism in this region, the Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston hosted its first annual global communication summit: “Journalism in Asia: Current Trends and Challenges.”

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